GAZ vehicles started in the rally-raid "Silk Road-2016"

Six sports GAZ trucks started from the Red Square in Moscow to participate in the rally-raid Silk Road. The team GAZ Reid Sport  consists of sports Gazelle NEXT, Sobol 4×4, Sadko and Sadko NEXT. The vehicles are made on the basis of serial production of the Gorky automobile plant, which is part of GAZ Group  one of Russias largest diversified industrial group Basic Element.

women.jpgGAZ Reid Sport team vehicles started from the Red Square in Moscow. Two team vehicles  sports Gazelle NEXT and Sobol 4×4  will take place the entire race from Moscow to Beijing and finish on July, 24 in China. The only all-female team starts the race on Sobol 4×4. The length of the rally-raid route will be more than 10 000 km. Another four vehicles: two Gazelle NEXT, participating in Raid-Sport category and Sadko and Sadko the NEXT, participating in truck category, will take part in the first half of the marathon, which is also the IV stage of the championship of Russia on rally- raids. The finish of this stage is planned in the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, July 14.

On the way the athletes will overcome the ground roads of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Kazakh steppe with ditches and dry riverbeds, sandy tracks and dunes near Lake Balkhash, rocky trails and sand dunes of the Gobi Desert.

 -5.jpgIn sports, the NEXT Gazelle and Sobol 4×4 serial Cummins ISF 2,8 engines with special sports add-ons are mounted. Sadko and Sadko NEXT equipped with YaMZ-534 engines of Yaroslavl Motor Plant of GAZ Group. In just a few years of participation in competitive sports complex powertrains of YaMZ showed high reliability in the most harsh operating at high temperatures. Thanks to the special settings YaMZ engines develop up to 300 hp at 2600 rev / min and torque of 1000 Nm at 1800-2400 rev / min. Specifications of Cummins ISF 2,8: power  200 HP at 3800 rev / min, torque  520 Nm at 2000-3200 rev / min.

For the first time Ural NEXT trucks will be used as the technical assistance vehicles,ural.jpg created on the basis of serial Ural trucks. Small changes in the EECU of YaMZ-536 and the transmission settings allow these machines to accelerate to 120 km / h. Operational assistance, as well as the supplying of a group of journalists and photographers to complex areas of the sport tracks would engage Sobol 4×4 SUVs. The high permeability of these vehicles allows them to get to the most inaccessible areas.

Lubricating oils and operating fluids are provided by Total company. Benefits of Total Rubia TIR and Total Trans Gear motor oils  maintaining a stable quality of the lubricant for a long time at the maximum load of the motor.

Michelin provided the tires. Sadko and Sadko NEXT are equipped with Michelin XZL while Gazelle NEXT and Sobol 4×4 BFGoodrich All-Terrain. The characteristics of these tires provide the best combination of speed on dirt roads and off-road ability in the sands off the road.


  • Gazelle NEXT  driver Vyacheslav Subbotin, navigator Yevgeny Pavlov
  • Sobol 4×4  driver Tatiana Eliseevat, navigator Elena Pravdina
  • Gazelle NEXT  driver Michael Kostrukovt, navigator Oleg Nezhnov
  • Gazelle NEXT T1  driver Alexander Kostrukov pilot, navigator Ramil Zamaletdinov
  • Sadko NEXT  driver Boleslav Levitsky, navigator Stanislav Dolgov
  • Sadko  driver Michael Shklyaev, navigator Alexander Laguta


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