Expedition on Sobols 4x4 went to the Arctic Ocean

The Arctic expedition on Sobols 4x4 arranged by the Federation of Sports Tourism in Karelia together with GAZ Group started from Usinsk, Komi, to the Pechora Sea. The goal of the expedition is to demonstrate the off-road characteristics of Sobol 4õ4 in the Far North, to check the special equipment under the circumstances in the long-distance journey of complexity category IV.

avtomobili-na-polyarnom-kruge.jpgThe Arctic expedition on Sobols 4x4 started from Usinsk, Komi, to the Pechora Sea and the Arctic Ocean on 22 January. Before the start of the Arctic phase, theexpedition vehicles have already passedmore than two and a half thousand kilometers from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Usinsk. The extreme northern point of the route will be the Varandey oil settlement located on the coast of the Pechora Sea, 380 kilometers north-east of Naryan-Mar. If weather conditions permit, the expedition will also reach the oil terminal located 22 kilometers from Varandey and the offshore oil platform "Prirazlomnaya" located 55 kilometers from the coast. On the way back,theroute goes through Naryan-Mar, rotational village Kharyaga, logging villages Usogorsk and Leshukonskoye, Mezen town off the coast of the White Sea, village Pinega - one of the oldest settlements of the Arkhangelsk region, Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk and Kargopol. The finish of the expedition is planned for February 10 in Sortavala (Karelia).

sobolya-v-petropavlovskoy-kreposti_-sankt_peterburg.jpg The expedition consists of four Sobols4õ4. Even the standard configurationincludes strong off road options that give confidence in cross-country conditions: part-time AWD, high clearance, reducing gear, differential blockingof rear axleEaton, big range of suspension. The basic configurationalso includes starter preheater and additional interior heater.

The vehicles were especially prepared for the extreme journey to the Far North start-ekspeditsii-v-usinske.jpgincluding installation of differentialblocking in the front axle, body winterizing, strengthened leave springs, wrenches, roof trunks, power bumpers and extra lighting. The vehicles are equipped to become autonomous houses for the crews. Up to three persons can spent night in each Sobol, there are autonomous heaters, cooking systems, portable radios and meteorological station. The vehicles were equipped by the GAZ Baltics dealer center(St. Petersburg) preparing GAZ vehicles both for commercial and amateur operation in severe off road conditions.

The vehicles are equipped with engines of different types: three Sobols 4õ4 are equipped with gasoline engines UMZ-4216, one with diesel Cummins ISF 2,8. Both types have good elasticity and drive at low torque which is required for confidence in cross-country terrain.

P. Sereda, Director of the LCV Division, GAZ Group — An expedition to hard-to-reach places in severe weather conditions is an excellent opportunity to show all the advantages of the Sobol AWD vehicle. It is a very important product for us. It is enough to say that in 2015 under the circumstances of serious drop of the Russian automotive market, sales of the AWD Sobols and GAZelles did not drop but vice versa grew. The demand for these vehicles has been growing sustainably with individuals, small businesses and large fleet owners. Sobol4õ4 is an optimal vehicle for the most business purposes in terms of good cross-country capability, comfort, space and price.
A. Atvinovsly, CEO of GAZ Baltics dealer center — Even the basic configuration of Sobol has excellent cross-country capability. This is a real frame offroader, very spacious, inexpensive in terms of operation and maintenance. The minor conversion including winterization, interior transportation and installation of beds made realwheeled houses out of the vehicles and provided the expedition team with comfortable and autonomous living conditions throughout the hard three-week route.
P. Gruzdev, organizer of the expedition, chairman of the automotive and motorcycle committee of the Federation of Sports Tourism in Karelia — Our plans are to show the beauty of the north to people, not just cities and memorials but also the arctic nature - cold desert. The target is to make a description of a touristic route and detailed recommendations for those who like extreme vacations. The motto of the expedition is “Russian North for Russian Vehicles”. We really like our vehicles and we want to show that the AWD Sobol is the best vehicle for such journeys.


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