Mass Production of GAZelle NEXT Panel Van was Announced the Investment Project of the Year

The Project of GAZ Group, part of one of the major Russian diversified groups – Basic Element, for mass production of the GAZelle NEXT panel van was announced the Investment Project of 2015 in the N. Novgorod Region. This model led GAZ Group into the segment of over 13 m3 vans where foreign OEM’s only had been present in the Russian market before. Large-scale modernization of production was carried out at GAZ within the framework of preparation for the new model production. The project investments amount to roughly RUR 9 B.

vruchenie-nagrady-direktoru-ooo-az-gaz-andreyu-sofonovu.jpgThe project of GAZ Group for mass production of the GAZelle NEXT panel van won the Investment Project of 2015 contest in the N. Novgorod Region that annually awards the projects most important for social and economic development of the region. New automated welding and stamping facilities were established, painting and assembly facilities were modernized for production of the new model of the GAZelle Next van at the N. Novgorod Site of GAZ.

prezentatsiya-proekta-tsmf.jpg Development of the new GAZelle Next van is a key project of GAZ Group in 2015. The project was acknowledged by the holders of the ComTrans’2015 International Show as the Prospect of the Year and by the Adam Smith Conference 2016 as one of most successful examples of the Russian market expansion and new export opportunity creation during the crisis in the Russian automotive sector.

The distinctive features of the vehicle are the three times larger body volume, independent front suspension, rank and pinion steering, new gearbox, highly efficient brake system. All these provide not only for improved functionality but also for perfect steerability and ergonomics, high active and passive safety. 


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