History Museum of the Gorky Automobile Plant celebrates its 50th anniversary

Museum of History of the Gorky Automobile Plant of GAZ Group, which is part of one of Russias largest persified industrial group Basic Element, celebrates the 50th anniversary. Museum of GAZ  the keeper of the traditions of the enterprise, which traces its history since 1932. The museum has a unique documentary and clothing funds, including the archives of the plant workers. The museum funds include more than 40 thousand units. Annual attendance at the exhibition is more than 20 thousand people.

1.jpgGAZ History Museum celebrates the 50th anniversary. The exposition of the Museum of history and labor glory of the Gorky Automobile Plant opened on 10 October 1965. At present the area of the hall, which houses a collection of vintage cars GAZ, is nearly 1700 square meters. m.

The idea of creating a museum arose shortly after the start of the Gorky Automobile Plant in 1932. For several reasons, it was not possible to implement, but the collection of materials and documents was carried out already. The archive accumulated an interesting factual material about the construction and the builders of GAZ, about military and labor feats of GAZ employees during the Great Patriotic War and the postwar years. In autumn 1964 GAZ CEO Ivan Kiselev signed an order to establish a museum of history and labor glory of the enterprise.

The museum was established by veterans of the plant K.Shaganova, F.Klibanova, B.Zhukov, V.Lapshin, N.Dobrovolsky and many others. They have become the main driving force behind the creation and development of the museum: throughout the year conducted a search of materials, museum exhibits, documents and photographs. The first exposition of the museum located in the Palace of culture of car factory and covered an area of 350 square meters. One of the first chairmen of the Council of the museum was the deputy technical director of the plant  A.Fedostsev.

In December 1981, the museum moved to the premises of the GAZ Training Centre, its new exhibition was opened on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Gorky Automobile Plant. In January 1984, it created a new hall of the museum, which houses the exhibition Cars and their creators.

2.jpgToday the museum of the history of GAZ is a kind of school where automakers expertise is concentrated. The museum is an integral part of the corporate culture of the Gorky Automobile Plant. There being a lot of work to study and promote the history and the entire Russian automotive industry, guided tours, scientific and educational activities that promote the professional orientation of young people.

History Museum of GAZ is known not only in Russia but also abroad. In 1996 it entered the catalog of automobile museums in Europe. In 1999 the museum took part in the 6th World Forum of Automobile Museums in Stuttgart (Germany).

The Museum together with GAZ Group and Basic Element implemented the project Heroes of their time in 2013: exhibition in Moscows GUM, were more than a million guests visited in during a month. One of the key projects of the museum in 2015 was the exhibition of childrens art Gorky Automobile Plant in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It presents more than 300 drawings, crafts, models, applications made by Avtozavod children.

The Museum of the History of GAZ is an attraction not only of the car plant but also of the whole Nizhny Novgorod region. Each year the museum is visited by guests from France, Britain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, India, Japan, South Korea, Cuba and other


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