GAZ Group presents new models of vans and minibuses GAZelle NEXT for the first time

GAZ Group, which is part of one of Russias largest diversified industrial group Basic Element, presents new model of all-metal van GAZelle NEXT for the first time. With the release of these vehicles GAZ Group enters the segment of vans with volume of a body of more than 13 cubic meters, which previously was represented only by foreign manufacturers. The three new models of NEXT family: cargo van, cargo-passenger van, combi and minibus  are exhibited at the International Motor Show Commercial Avtotransport2015 (Comtrans2015).


GAZ Group presents new model of all-metal van GAZelle NEXT. Excellent functionality, good ergonomics, and the highest cost-effectiveness in its class  the three main principles of the design of new GAZelle NEXT models. The price of the vehicle is 25-50% lower than that of the foreign competitors and the cost of maintenance, spare parts and consumables is less than one and a half times or more.

The capacity of the body of a new cargo van is 13.5 cubic meters, which is 30% more than GAZelle of the previous generation. Special flap under the passenger seat allows you to carry long cargo up to 5 m. Easy access to the cargo compartment facilitates and accelerates the processes of loading and unloading the vehicle. The rear doors are fixed in an intermediate position  at 90 and with the full opening at 270, giving freedom of movement, even in a constricted urban environment. High sliding door is equipped with a new ergonomic and reliable mechanism of Rollmech Automotiv. Upholstery of the side walls of the van are made of MDF, flooring is waterproof and abrasion resistant marine plywood to protect the surface of the body from abrasion and damage. Lifting loops allow to conveniently and securely fixing the cargo. Elaborated slightest details ensure comfort of use: plastic bumper on the strong metal base serves as a stair, the railing at the front and rear door facilitates the boarding.


Cargo-passenger combi-van GAZelle NEXT can carry seven people and 9.5 cu. m of cargo and combines the advantages of a truck and a comfortable minibus. The wide sliding door provides easy entry to the rear part of the vehicle. Back row seats folded, turn into a comfortable sleeper. Roomy niche for things under the seats of the second row is designed for storage of personal belongings of the driver and passengers. Another deep shelf for luggage capacity of up to 30 kg positioned above the first row of seats. In addition, for the convenience of the passengers of the second row folding tables, mesh pockets, a 12V outlet, USB-output and the niche for small things are installed. Additional comfort on the road will be provided by LED lighting in the passenger compartment. Already in the basic version starting preheater Webasto is installed.

The minibus GAZelle NEXT can comfortably accommodate 16 people. Particular attention is paid to the development of bus comfort and safety of passengers. High opening of the siding door, low step, high roof- 1900 mm  compartment ensure easy boarding and deboarding of passengers, ergonomic seats, LED lighting and panoramic windows  comfort on the road. The best climate in the passenger compartment is achieved by installing three heaters and, if necessary, the air conditioner. All seats are equipped with seat belts. Increased body rigidity and programmed crumple zones incorporated in the design of the primary structural members of the vehicle, provide a high level of passive safety for passengers and driver.

The body of GAZelle NEXT is made of galvanized steel, individual elements  of high-strength fiberglass. This ensures a long service life and good corrosion resistance of the vehicle.


A number of technological innovations make the steering of GAZelle NEXT more comfortable, and the design itself  more reliable. Remote Gearbox shifter (Joystick) Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho is used for the first time, which is placed on the dashboard. Application of a new plastic fuel tank, the volume of which has increased to 80 liters, which increased cruising range on one filling. The upgraded rear suspension includes modern mounts and new Mando shock absorbers with a modified mounting scheme provide increased stability on the road and smooth ride. Embedded in the frame top and bottom enhancers have improved durability and reliability of the design of the entire vehicle.

To create a new van the chassis of board truck GAZelle NEXT was used, which is produced in 2013 and has already won wide popularity among carriers and representatives of other businesses. Double wishbone independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering system, brake system with double headroom, spacious and comfortable drivers cabin, the seat with five degrees of adjustment provide excellent boarding, high level of comfort and reliability.

Vans and minibuses GAZelle NEXT will be equipped with diesel engines Cummins ISF 2,8 and petrol engines Evotech 2,7, which have already proven themselves in the on-board vehicle modifications NEXT family.

Vadim Sorokin, President of GAZ Group With the launch of the new van GAZelle NEXT we basically completed the creation of a full product range of NEXT family, which replaces the previous generation. In these vehicles, we have tried to provide the customers with the best functionality at the lowest price and the cost of ownership. This applies not only to Russia but also to foreign customers: all our new models are designed to meet the requirements for export. Further development of the brand GAZ is associated with access to new segments of both the load capacity and functionality, as well as with the expansion of range of specialized equipment for different types of businesses.


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