GAZelle NEXT became the winner of the rally-raid "BakhA Ulyanovsk-2015"

GAZelle NEXT vehicles took first and third place at the V stage of the championship of Russia in rally-raid Bakha Ulyanovsk-2015 in Raid sport class. The crews Alexander Kostrukov / Evgeny Pavlov and Alexander Semenov / Ramil Zamaletdinov from the first day of competition led the race and did not concede the leading position to the finish. Rally-raid took place in Ulyanovsk region from 21 to 23 August.

1.jpgGAZelle NEXT vehicles took the first and the third place at the V stage of the championship of Russia in rally-raid Bakha Ulyanovsk-2015 in Reid sport class. The last but one stage of the championship, was of great importance for the distribution of bonus points at the end of the season, held among the picturesque hills of the Ulyanovsk region, among which many dangers hide, treacherous holes and ruts on the dusty dirt roads, fords, sharp turns, sudden descents and ups. In such circumstances, for the three days of racing the athletes had to overcome more than 700 km. The summer heat created an additional burden for the crew and for the engines of the racing vehicles.

2.jpgTeam GAZ Raid sport brought to the track six sports cars: the three GAZelle NEXT, Sobol 4×4, trucks GAZon NEXT and GAZ Sadko. In anticipation of the approaching end of the championship, the fight was extremely intense. The competition was opened by president of GAZ Group Vadim Sorokin. Together with the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov, he went to the podium on the team race car.

The winner of the stage, the crew of Alexander Kostrukov / Evgeny Pavlov showed not only excellent speed, but also high stability of the results. Their GAZelle NEXT was in the lead throughout the race, as well as at most stages of the national championship, confirming the superiority in its class.

The crew Alexander Semenov / Ramil Zamaletdinov performed on a new sports car GAZelle NEXT, constructed in accordance with the requirements of the most powerful class T1. Despite the fact that the aim of the pilot and the navigator was just go through the race and test the setup of the new vehicle, the athletes were able to take the third place in the rally.

Female crew Tatiana Eliseeva / Elena Pravdin on Sobol 4×4 excellently overcame the hardest special stages. Its safe to say that in the near future male drivers will have serious female competitors.

Successfully finished the medium duty sport trucks Sadko and Sadko NEXT, which continue to hold the lead in the class T4.

3.jpgGAZ vehicles achieve high results in the race, despite the very small percentage of special and custom-made parts and components in the racingequipment. One of the main principles in the preparation of the vehicles is the maximum use of standard parts from the frame and dashboard to axles and engines.

Serial YMZ-534 engines installed on Sadko and GAZon NEXT, and Cummins ISF 2.8, which are on the GAZelle and Sobol, went through the race without a single failure. Team partners products have shown themselves excellent. Oils Total provided the safety of the units in the mode of extreme loads. Tires BFGoodrich All-Terrain and Michelin XZL allowed to drive fast on the dirt road and, without slowing down, take slippery water obstacles. Differential lock Eaton, same as those installed on serial vehicles of GAZ, improved off-road performance of the vehicles.

Support team was on serial vehicles Sobol 4×4. Thanks to its excellent off-road qualities they easily overcame the most difficult sections of the sports tracks, bringing the audience to the most spectacular points of the competition.

Thanks to the separation from opponents GAZ Raid sport in one step before the end of the national championship already secured the first and the second places in the season. Despite this, the team will start on the final stage of the championship, which will take place from 18 to 20 September in Volgograd.

V. Sorokin, GAZ Group President The first time I was in this competition and I am glad I was able to see firsthand what GAZ vehicles can do in the toughest conditions. The vehivles built on production units, worked miracles! The team showed excellent dynamics of development: starting from scratch, in a few years, they have come to the championship title. I am sure that GAZ vehicles have a great future in rally-raid competitions not only in Russia, but also in the international arena.
Alexander Kostrukov, pilot of GAZelle NEXT, winner of Stage V of championship of Russia in Rally-Raid At first sight, the track is simple and easy, but in fact it turned out to be wrong. The slightest deviation from the course led to unpleasant consequences: one could get into huge pits and potholes, which are very difficult to see at high speed behind a bush. We had to be extremely careful, and not to relax for a second. I note that the components and assemblies of our racing cars proved to be highly reliable. Athletes and Technology had laid out on the full, but I was not afraid that in a way we can suddenly break.


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