Double cabin vehicle: double advantage for your business

Modern business sets the most diverse tasks. It happens often that quite large cargo and team shall be transported simultaneously. A new vehicle GAZelle NEXT with double cabin will deal with a task at best. On the base of car frame with double cabin almost any special substructure may be installed from standard rear body to diverse vans and crane manipulators. This vehicle is ideal for delivery of maintenance or emergency teams to the place of repair works.

In addition, 6 people can comfortably take seats in the double cabin apart from the driver: two on two front seats and four in the back seat.
Convenient entrance into the passenger compartment is performed through a separate third door located on the right side of the cabin.

Parameters model
А22R22 А22R32
Seating capacity 6+1 6+1
Gross weight, kg 3500 3500
Curb weight, kg 2235 2365
Road clearance (under rear axle housing at gross weight), mm 170 170
Minimum turning radius according to outside front wheel, m 5,7 6,5
Control fuel consumption (measured with a special technique) at constant speed, l/100 km:
60 km/h
80 km/h
Maximum vehicle speed on the horizontal section of a level highway, km/h 130 130
Model ISF2.8s4129Р
Type Diesel, turbocharged with after-cooler
Number and arrangement of cylinders 4, in line
Cylinder capacity, l 2,8
Ratio of compression 16,5
Maximum power, kW (HP) 88,3 (120)
at crankshaft speed, rpm 3600
Maximum torque, net, Nm (kgf/m) 270 (27,5)
at crankshaft speed, rpm 1400-3000
Clutch Single-plate, dry, hydraulic-operated
Gearbox Mechanical, 5-speed
Driveline Two shafts with three universal joints and intermediate bearing
Rear axle:
final drive Hypoid, gear ratio – 4.3
differential Bevel, gear type
Wheels Plate, with sealed tire
Tires Pneumatic, radial, tubeless, 185/75R16C
front Independent, on wishbones with coil springs, with antiroll bar
rear Two catenary, half-elliptic springs with secondary springs and antiroll bar
Absorbers Four – gas charged, telescopic, double-acting
Steering box Integral (with steering booster), rack-and-pinion
Steering booster pump Vane-type, double-stroke
Steering column Tilt steering column
Service braking system Hydraulically operated, double-circuit and vacuum-assisted
Brake systems:
front wheels
rear wheels
Emergency braking system Each circuit of service braking system
Parking braking system Mechanical cable operated break gears of rear wheels
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Earn more!
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Be always in motion!
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Feel the confidence!
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Driving with comfort!