1. 20 ths. km service interval decreases commercial vehicle dead time as well as the scheduled service costs. Asian analogs carry out services twice as much.
  2. Single service cost for Gazelle NEXT and cumulative costs are by 39% lower than those of foreign analogs.
  3. 3. During the service we use the high-quality service fluids, materials and spare parts that increase durability and depreciation value of vehicle, as well as allow providing safety margin for main systems, components and assemblies performance.
  4. Average time of service execution is decreased to 3 hour due to reduction of numbers of operations and simplicity of particular system and assemblies’ maintenance.
    As a result of using modern decisions and construction changes (brake pads Mando Korea; front bearing SCHAEFFLER Germany; steerage ZF Germany; absence of pivot connection, driveline Tirsan Turkey etc.) the number of component and assemblies that do not need any services during the whole life cycle raised by 23%.
  5. Official dealers provide maintenance in suitable for client time.
  6. During the service full range of control-proving works as well as consumables renewal in accordance with producer determined regulations are executed.

Main operations list for scheduled service

  • Electronic engine control system diagnostics
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement
  • Gear oil in structures renewal
  • Final fuel filter renewal
  • Engine accessory belt renewal
  • Air-filtration unit renewal
  • Auxiliary components drive belt condition check
  • Cooling, feed, and lubricating systems integrity control
  • Clutch hydraulic gear, gearbox, back axle and brakes integrity check
  • Service fluids in systems and assemblies level check
  • Brake pads, alloy wheels, sleeves condition check
  • Fixation check of exhaust system elements, brake master cylinder (BMC) elements, engaging dogs, silent blocks, shock absorber U-bolt, cardan shaft hinge pivot
  • Wheel cylinder and catch gaiter condition check
  • Steering connection free play availability check
  • Parking break check
  • Tire and wheel conditions check
  • Cabin and platform fixation check
  • Battery maintenance
  • Gearbox bleeders and back axle cleansing
  • Cabin filter replacement

Detailed realization conditions and service work scope as well as lubricants and engineering maintenance materials worksheet are reported in Maintenance manual and vehicle log book.

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