25 June 2014
GAZelles Golden patent
GAZelle exceeded all expectations by becoming the best-selling light commercial truck in Russia, and in fact, by creating the LCV class itself in the country. The list of GAZelles awards and regalia has recently been replenished with the 1st place in Patent of the Year competition.
16 June 2014
GAZ vehicles finished first in team classification at the third stage of the Russia Cup in rally
The GAZ Behind the Wheel Sport team performing with Gazelle Next, Sobol and Sadko vehicles has won the Abatis Line rally, a Russia Cup rally stage. The team sportsmen were the first in the team classification, the second and the fourth in the overall standings as well as the first and the third in the Raid Sport category.
27 May 2014
GAZ Group received a certificate to sell Gazelle Next vehicles in all EU countries
GAZ got a unified European vehicle type approval which allowed GAZ to sell the Gazelle Next vehicles in the EU countries.
26 May 2014
Gazelle Next is the winner of Top-5 Autos, the vehicle business expert national prize
Gazelle Next was declared the winner at the second Top-5 Autos, the annual vehicle business expert national prize in the nomination The light commercial vehicle/pickup truck. Gazelle Next became the first and the only Russian vehicle to date to win this prestigious competition.
20 May 2014
GAZ Groups and Element Leasings motor rally has started
Two new GAZ vehicle models, a double cab Gazelle Next and a 4 x 4 Sobol with a plug-in 4 wheel drive, have started as part of the joint motor rally organized by GAZ Group and  Element Leasing. More than 1,000 presentations will be made and test drives held for potential clients as part of the motor rally in 50 Russian cities and towns.
19 May 2014
GAZ Group Presented Gazelle NEXT and Sobol 4x4 Medical Vehicles at International Exhibition in Germany
GAZ Group presented the Gazelle NEXT and the Sobol 4x4 ambulance vehicles at RETTmobil, the largest international exhibition of fire-fighting, rescue and medical vehicles, which took place in Fulda, Germany.
22 April 2014
Sobol conquers cold pole
On March, 30th, the famous Valentin Efremovs expedition started its way from Nizhniy Novgorod. The project name is The Pole of Cold is the third Earths Pole and its goal was to get to the coldest point on the planet, rural locality Oimyakon in Yakutia Republic, and show the Russian flag in a hot air balloon.
22 April 2014
Team of GAZ - Drivers magazine - Sport becomes silver prize winner of the 2nd leg of Rally Raid Russian Championship
Sportsmen of the GAZ - Drivers magazine - Sport team competing in the  GAZelle-NEXT won the second place during the second leg of Rally Raid Russian Championship Gold of Chagan. The Team of GAZ - Drivers magazine - Sport performed at this race with three crews in the most popular Raid - Sport class. All three vehicles, two GAZelle-NEXT vehicles and one Sobol BUSINESS, successfully finished and the crew of Alexander Semenov and Ramil Zamaletdinov became the silver prizewinner of the competition.
14 April 2014
GAZ Group starts serial production of EvoTech 2,7 new gasoline engine
Production of EvoTech 2,7 gasoline engine at Ulyanovsk Engine Plant of GAZ Group was launched on April 14, 2014 . The distinctive features of the new engine are long lifetime, excellent traction, dynamic and performance characteristics, as well as reliable service in harsh temperature conditions. The engine is designed for the GAZelle Business and the GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicles.
11 April 2014
GAZ takes the first place in Ernst&Young Car Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey for the second year in a row
This year GAZ has taken the first place in all six categories of the survey. This is the first win of such scale in the projects history. The final result of GAZ brand is 4,69 points (in October 2013 it was 4,55 points). This tenth survey collected results from 490 dealerships representing 36 vehicle brands.

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