11 July 2016
GAZ vehicles started in the rally-raid "Silk Road-2016"
The team GAZ Reid Sport  consists of sports Gazelle NEXT, Sobol 4×4, Sadko and Sadko NEXT.
1 July 2016
Gathering of classic cars GAZ-21 Volga and -20 Pobeda took place at GAZ
The road show was dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of GAZ-21, the 70th Anniversary of Pobeda and the oncoming 85th Anniversary of GAZ.
1 June 2016
GAZ Group represents specialty vehicles based on GAZelle NEXT and GAZon NEXT at CTT-2016
GAZ Group represents new specialty vehicles of NEXT generation at the 17th International Construction Equipment & Technologies Exhibition 2016 (C-2016).
30 May 2016
New GAZelle NEXT Van won TOP-5 AUTO award
New generation GAZelle NEXT Van won LCV/Pickup nomination of the fourth annual National Award of Automotive Experts TOP-5 AUTO.
20 May 2016
GAZ Group presents new minibus models
GAZ Group presents new minibus models of the NEXT family at the 9th international automotive festival Bus World in Kolomna on May 18-20.
5 May 2016
GAZelle Next crew won Stage II of the Russian Rally Championship Gold of Kagan
Mikhail Kostrukovs and Oleg Nezhnovs crew on GAZelle Next took the first place in Stage II of the Russian Rally Championship in the category Raid Sport.
22 April 2016
GAZelle NEXT Van is the winner of Russian Vehicle of the Year 2016
GAZelle NEXT Van, which is a new development of Gorky Automobile Plant of GAZ Group won Van nomination of the annual national award Russian Vehicle of the Year 2016.
18 April 2016
For the fifth year in a row GAZ wins the first place in the rating of car dealers satisfaction, prepared by Ernst&Young
GAZ brand wins the first place by results of survey of Dealer Satisfaction Index, DSI, which is annually held by Ernst&Young (EY) by order of Association of Russian Automotive Dealers (RAD).
14 April 2016
GAZ Group launches sales of new GAZelle Next van in dealerships across Russia
GAZ Group begins selling the new generation GAZelle Next van in 140 dealerships across Russia.
23 March 2016
GAZ Group represented its GAZelle NEXT Van at Belgrade Car Show 2016
GAZ Group, being a part of Basic Element, which is one of the biggest Russian diversified industrial groups, for the first time represented its new-generation GAZelle NEXT Van to the clients from Serbia and other Balkan States.
21 March 2016
Mass Production of GAZelle NEXT Panel Van was Announced the Investment Project of the Year
The Project of GAZ Group, part of one of the major Russian diversified groups  Basic Element, for mass production of the GAZelle NEXT panel van was announced the Investment Project of 2015 in the N. Novgorod Region.
18 March 2016
GAZ Group won the award of Adam Smith Institute
GAZ Group, being a part of Basic Element, which is one of the biggest Russian diversified industrial groups, won the award of the 19th International Automotive Forum «Adam Smith Conference» for its new generation GAZelle NEXT Van project.
29 February 2016
GAZ Raid Sport team won Stage I of Russian Rally Championship
GAZ Raid Sport team took the first place in the team event of Stage I of the Russian Rally Championship.
22 January 2016
Expedition on Sobols 4x4 went to the Arctic Ocean
The Arctic expedition on Sobols 4x4 arranged by the Federation of Sports Tourism in Karelia together with GAZ Group started from Usinsk, Komi, to the Pechora Sea.
28 October 2015
GAZ Group launches GAZelle NEXT panel van production
GAZ Group, a part of Basic Element, one of Russia’s largest diversified industrial holdings, launched mass production of the GAZelle NEXT panel van.
22 October 2015
GAZ Group launches GAZelle Next with a more powerful engine
GAZ Group, a company of Basic Element, one of Russias largest diversified industrial groups, launched GAZelle Next with a diesel engine with increased power and torque.
9 October 2015
History Museum of the Gorky Automobile Plant celebrates its 50th anniversary
Museum of History of the Gorky Automobile Plant of GAZ Group, which is part of one of Russias largest diversified industrial group Basic Element, celebrates the 50th anniversary.
7 October 2015
GAZ Group presents new CNG vehicles
GAZ Group, a company of the Basic Element, one of the most diversified industrial groups in Russia, presents the new CNG vehicles of the Next family.
25 September 2015
GAZelle NEXT became the winner of the rally-raid "BakhA Ulyanovsk-2015"
GAZelle NEXT vehicles took first and third place at the V stage of the championship of Russia in rally-raid Bakha Ulyanovsk-2015 in Raid sport class.
8 September 2015
GAZ Group presents new models of vans and minibuses GAZelle NEXT for the first time
GAZ Group, which is part of one of Russias largest diversified industrial group Basic Element, presents new model of all-metal van GAZelle NEXT for the first time.
8 September 2015
GAZ Group unveils a new GAZon Next medium-duty truck model
GAZ Group, a part of Basic Element, Russias largest diversified industrial holding, unveils a new medium-duty truck model  the GAZon Next tractor truck.
8 September 2015
Seven new models of Generation NEXT have been presented in Comtrans'2015 show
GAZ Group, which is part of one of Russias largest diversified industrial group Basic Element, introduced seven new models of Generation NEXT vehicles at the International Motor Show Commercial avtotransport2015 (Comtrans2015 ).
27 August 2015
GAZ Group starts GAZelle NEXT sales in Serbia
GAZ Group, part of one of the Russian largest diversified industrial groups  Basic Element, started sales of GAZelle NEXT vehicles in Serbia.
11 August 2015
GAZ discloses the secrets of the main automotive release of the year

GAZ Group, part of Basic Element, one of the Russian largest diversified industrial groups -, will for the first time present its GAZelle NEXT panel van at the International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show 2015 to be held in Moscow from 8 to 12 September.

20 July 2015
Volnoe Delo Oleg Deripaska Foundation and GAZ Group held RoboCross-2015 in Nizhny Novgorod

Volnoe Delo Oleg Deripaska Foundation and GAZ Group being a part of one of the biggest Russian diversified industrial groups Basic Element in cooperation with Skolkovo Foundation held RoboCross-2015 contest of automated vehicles in Nizhny Novgorod.

7 July 2015
GAZ vehicles take part in the rally-raid "Great Steppe - the Silk Road 2015"

Six sport cars manufactured on the basis of GAZ production models, take part in the IV stage of the Russian championship of Rally-Raids «Great Steppe — the Silk Road 2015».

3 June 2015
GAZ vehicles became prize winners of the third round in the Rally Raid Championship of Russia

The third round of the Russian Rally Raid Bacha Belarus  2015 ended triumphantly for the team GAZ Raid Sport.

20 May 2015
GAZ Group presents new models of GAZ specialty vehicles

GAZ Group, part of one of Russia’s largest diversified industrial groups — Basic Element, continues development of a line of specialty vehicles based on the NEXT family.

27 April 2015
GAZelle BUSINESS became the winner of the competition Car of the year in Russia 2015

GAZelle Business (GAZ-2705) became the winner of the Annual national award Car of the Year in Russia.

17 April 2015
The GAZ brand for the third time became the leader of the auto dealer satisfaction rating by Ernst&Young

The GAZ brand became the first on the results of the auto dealer satisfaction study (Dealer Satisfaction Index, DSI), which is held annually by Ernst & Young on demand of the Association Russian Automobile Dealers (RAD). This is the third consecutive victory of the GAZ brand in this prestigious study.

14 April 2015
GAZ Group Presents Automotive Components at European Industrial Fair the Hannover Messe 2015

Autocomponents Division of GAZ Group will participate in the Hannover Messe, an industrial exhibition fair. The fair, one of the most important international events in the industry world, will be held from the 13th to the 17th of April in Hannover (Germany).

20 March 2015
GAZelle Next vehicle was presented in Belgrade

GAZ Group which is part of Base Element, one of the biggest Russian diversified industrial groups, presented a range of GAZelle Next vehicles for the first time to customers from the Republic of Serbia and other Balkan countries. The vehicle presentation was made as part of the Belgrade International Car Show 2015 the biggest annual auto exhibition in the Balkans. GAZ Group and Verano Motologistic, GAZ brand official distributor in the Balkans, also announced the upcoming start of sales of GAZ vehicles in the Balkans in the second quarter of 2015.

20 March 2015
GAZ Group won Adam Smith institutes prize for the best performance in the Russian automotive industry

GAZ Group which is part of Base Element, one of the biggest Russian diversified industrial groups, became the winner at the 18-th international Russian automotive forum held by Adam Smith Conference in the nomination The best efficiency enhancement strategy.

4 March 2015
The Gazelle Next vehicles will be sold in the Balkan states
GAZ Group entered into a distributorship agreement with Verano Motors, an Eastern European company, to sell the Gazelle Next vehicles in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia.
15 December 2014
Sales of NEXT family vehicles started in Georgia
Nizhniy Novgorod, December 15th, 2014 – GAZ Group, part of one of the largest in Russia diversified industrial groups “Basic Element”, started sales of GAZ vehicles in Georgia, including new generation vehicles GAZelle NEXT and GAZon NEXT.
8 October 2014
GAZ Group Presented Euro-5 CNG Vehicles of New NEXT Generation
GAZ Group presented prototypes of the Gazelle NEXT 2014 vehicles with Euro-5 CNG engines for the first time. The GAZ vehicles – the Gazelle NEXT and the Gazon NEXT are equipped with Evotech 2.7 and YaMZ-534 CNG engines developed at engine plants of GAZ Group in Ulyanovsk and Yaroslavl.
30 September 2014
GAZ Group Started Gazelle NEXT Production in Turkey
Istanbul, September 30, 2014, – GAZ Group, a part of Basic Element, one of the largest Russian diversified groups, and Turkish company Mersa Otomotiv announce the start of production and sales of the Gazelle NEXT Euro-5 in Turkey.
19 September 2014
Gazon NEXT New Generation Truck Launched at Gorky Automotive Plant
September 19, 2014, Nizhniy Novgorod, GAZ Group, a company within Basic Element, one of the largest diversified industrial groups in Russia, announced a launch of middle duty truck Gazon NEXT. The new truck rolled off the line after the ceremonial launch of production with the participation of Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian Federation, Oleg Deripaska, the chairman of the board of directors of Basic Element, and Vadim Sorokin, the president of GAZ Group.
15 September 2014
Crew of Alexander Kostrukhov and Evgeniy Pavlov Won Russian Rally-Raid Championship Driving Sobol 4X4
The crew of GAZ Za Rulyom Sport consisting of sport masters Alexander Kostrukhov and Evgeniy Pavlov driving the Sobol 4X4 became a silver medalist of the final leg of the Russian Championship in the Raid-Sport class.
11 September 2014
Gorky Automobile Plant Announced The Best in Russian Commercial Vehicles Market Development
Gorky Automobile Plant of GAZ Group was granted with a special award of annual contest The Best Commercial Vehicle of Russia for successful development of Russian commercial vehicles market.
25 June 2014
GAZelles Golden patent
GAZelle exceeded all expectations by becoming the best-selling light commercial truck in Russia, and in fact, by creating the LCV class itself in the country. The list of GAZelles awards and regalia has recently been replenished with the 1st place in Patent of the Year competition.
16 June 2014
GAZ vehicles finished first in team classification at the third stage of the Russia Cup in rally
The GAZ Behind the Wheel Sport team performing with Gazelle Next, Sobol and Sadko vehicles has won the Abatis Line rally, a Russia Cup rally stage. The team sportsmen were the first in the team classification, the second and the fourth in the overall standings as well as the first and the third in the Raid Sport category.
27 May 2014
GAZ Group received a certificate to sell Gazelle Next vehicles in all EU countries
GAZ got a unified European vehicle type approval which allowed GAZ to sell the Gazelle Next vehicles in the EU countries.
26 May 2014
Gazelle Next is the winner of Top-5 Autos, the vehicle business expert national prize
Gazelle Next was declared the winner at the second Top-5 Autos, the annual vehicle business expert national prize in the nomination The light commercial vehicle/pickup truck. Gazelle Next became the first and the only Russian vehicle to date to win this prestigious competition.
20 May 2014
GAZ Groups and Element Leasings motor rally has started
Two new GAZ vehicle models, a double cab Gazelle Next and a 4 x 4 Sobol with a plug-in 4 wheel drive, have started as part of the joint motor rally organized by GAZ Group and  Element Leasing. More than 1,000 presentations will be made and test drives held for potential clients as part of the motor rally in 50 Russian cities and towns.
19 May 2014
GAZ Group Presented Gazelle NEXT and Sobol 4x4 Medical Vehicles at International Exhibition in Germany
GAZ Group presented the Gazelle NEXT and the Sobol 4x4 ambulance vehicles at RETTmobil, the largest international exhibition of fire-fighting, rescue and medical vehicles, which took place in Fulda, Germany.
22 April 2014
Sobol conquers cold pole
On March, 30th, the famous Valentin Efremovs expedition started its way from Nizhniy Novgorod. The project name is The Pole of Cold is the third Earths Pole and its goal was to get to the coldest point on the planet, rural locality Oimyakon in Yakutia Republic, and show the Russian flag in a hot air balloon.
22 April 2014
Team of GAZ - Drivers magazine - Sport becomes silver prize winner of the 2nd leg of Rally Raid Russian Championship
Sportsmen of the GAZ - Drivers magazine - Sport team competing in the  GAZelle-NEXT won the second place during the second leg of Rally Raid Russian Championship Gold of Chagan. The Team of GAZ - Drivers magazine - Sport performed at this race with three crews in the most popular Raid - Sport class. All three vehicles, two GAZelle-NEXT vehicles and one Sobol BUSINESS, successfully finished and the crew of Alexander Semenov and Ramil Zamaletdinov became the silver prizewinner of the competition.
14 April 2014
GAZ Group starts serial production of EvoTech 2,7 new gasoline engine
Production of EvoTech 2,7 gasoline engine at Ulyanovsk Engine Plant of GAZ Group was launched on April 14, 2014 . The distinctive features of the new engine are long lifetime, excellent traction, dynamic and performance characteristics, as well as reliable service in harsh temperature conditions. The engine is designed for the GAZelle Business and the GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicles.
11 April 2014
GAZ takes the first place in Ernst&Young Car Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey for the second year in a row
This year GAZ has taken the first place in all six categories of the survey. This is the first win of such scale in the projects history. The final result of GAZ brand is 4,69 points (in October 2013 it was 4,55 points). This tenth survey collected results from 490 dealerships representing 36 vehicle brands.
21 February 2014
GAZ Group Automotive Plant presents two Sobol 4X4 models with part-time 4WD at Vezdekhod-2014 exhibition

GAZ started to produce the Gazelle Business and the Sobol Business with part-time 4WD in the 3rd quarter of 2013. New full-drive system has brought not only improved comfort and other consumer properties of the vehicle, but also better off-road mobility, higher reliability and longer lifetime of transmission elements.

17 February 2014
Sobol Business wins first stage of Russian Rally Raid Championship-2014

Team of Za Rulyom-Sport, Russian automotive magazine, racing sports versions of Sobol Business and Gazelle Next, successfully opened the rally raid season. Sobol Business won the first place in Raid Sport class at the first stage of Northern forest2014 Russian Championship, that took place in the Leningrad region from the 14th till 16th of February. Za Rulyom-Sport team took the third place in team classification.

10 February 2014
Austrian Olimpic team drives in Sochi by GAZ microbuses

GAZ Group handed over two Gazelle NEXT buses and eight Sobol microbuses to the representatives of the Olympic committee of Austria.

31 January 2014
GAZ Group in cooperation with Petrol Plus Region launches new offer 50 liters of fuel on the GAZ Club fuel card

From February 10 to May 31, 2014 all customers who purchased any model of GAZ vehicle in addition to fuel card will receive 50 liters of fuel for free. Petrol Plus Region, one of the largest independent fuel card operators in Russia and Eastern Europe performs processing and service of fuel cards.

24 December 2013
GAZ Group to Conduct Modernization of the Gorky Automobile Plant early in 2014
Starting from early January 2014, large-scale production modernization works will be conducted at Gorky Automobile Plant of GAZ Group. New equipment will be installed primarily on painting and welding lines. Necessity of modernization was determined by preparation to launching the production of new models and modifications of NEXT family.
12 December 2013
GAZ Group introduces ambulance vehicles mounted on Sobol-BUSINESS AWD vehicle for the very first time
At the Public Health 2013 exhibition, which takes place at the Expo Center in Moscow, GAZ Group has introduced ambulance vehicles of A and B Classes mounted on part-time AWD Sobol GAZ-22177 vehicle for the very first time. Thanks to increased drivability and cross-country features these vehicles will be the best choice for delivery of medical aid in difficult-to-reach areas.
3 December 2013
Over 1,000,000 people visited first historical exhibition of GAZ vehicles Heroes of Their Time at Moscows GUM mall
The exhibition was organized by Basic Element business group and GAZ Group, which is a part of it, and took place from November 4 to November 29. More than 1,000,000 people visited the exhibition. The visitors published thousands of photos in their blogs and social networks.
11 November 2013
GAZ Group receives permit for marketing GAZelle vehicles in EU countries
For the very first time in the history the Whole Vehicle Type Approval was given to Gorky Automobile Plant. This Approval grants the right to sell vehicles and chassis of GAZelle BUSINESS family equipped with Cummins engine of the Emission Class V in 28 countries of the European Union.
31 October 2013
GAZelle is recognized the most valuable car brand of Russia. Value of the brand made up 38.5 bln rubles
GAZelle was recognized the most powerful Russian automotive brand according to the results of survey conducted by the world largest brand consulting agency Interbrand. According to the agency, the brand value made up 38.5 bln rubles, having increased in 10 times, if compared to 2008.
24 October 2013
GAZ Group presents technical innovations at the Saint-Petersburg International Auto Transport Forum
At the Saint-Petersburg International Auto Transport Forum, GAZ Group presents several types of environmentally-friendly products: GAZelle BUSINESS bi-fuel vehicles, LIAZ, KAVZ, and PAZ gas buses, and line of YaMZ engines of Euro-4 emission class. The exhibition is taking place in the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex on October 24 - 27.
23 October 2013
GAZ ranked first in the Ernst&Young automotive dealer satisfaction rating
GAZ brand has taken first place in the Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) research that is carried out twice a year by Ernst&Young (EY) through the request of the Russian Automotive Dealers Association. This is the first victory for the Russian brand in the history of this rating that has been published since 2008. Previously, GAZ has ranked second among the top-three of the leading automotive brands.
15 October 2013
GAZ Group launches serial manufacturing of GAZelle BUSINESS vehicles running on compressed natural gas
GAZ Group has launched serial manufacturing of GAZelle BUSINESS CNG vehicles with bi-fuel engines UMZ-421647 running on compressed natural gas (methane) and petrol. Currently, compressed gas is the most cost effective fuel used in commercial vehicles; it allows reducing fuel costs by 60% and by 50%, if compared to petrol and diesel fuel. One of the first production models of GAZelle BUSINESS CNG was presented at GasSUF International Exhibition held on the 15th-17th of October, 2013 in Moscow.
4 October 2013
GAZ Group is introducing automotive aftermarket products at the International Engineering Fair in the Czech Republic
Automotive Components Division of GAZ Group is taking part at the 55th International Engineering Fair MSV-2013. More than 100 specimen products of metallurgical, forging and other automotive components productions of GAZ will be exhibited on the companys display stand. The fair is held on October 7-11 in Brno, Czech Republic.
16 September 2013
Sobol BUSINESS vehicle ranked second at the final stage of the Russian Rally Raid Championship
Sobol BUSINESS vehicle ranked second in Latvian Baja 2013 Rally Raid, which at the same time was the final stage of the Russian Rally Raid Championship 2013. According to the championship results pilot of Sobol, Aleksandr Kostrukov, ranked second in Raid Sport category, and Yevgeniy Pavlov took the first place in competition of navigators. Latvian Baja 2013 race route ran through motor ways, winding forest and sand roads of Latvia. During three days the sportsmen covered a distance of more than 600 km. Narrow routes with multiple turns required high excellence of the pilots and became a real test of flexibility and driving qualities of GAZ vehicles.
13 September 2013
GAZelle NEXT is the winner of the Best Commercial Vehicle in Russia 2013 contest
GAZelle next won the first prize in the Best Commercial Vehicle in Russia 2013 contest in the Best Van\Light-Duty Truck category. The results of the contest were tallied up during the 12th International Specialized Exhibition Commercial Transport 2013 (Comtrans 2013). The judges at the contest included journalists of professional magazines covering issues of automotive and commercial transport.

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