GAZ Group unveils a new GAZon Next medium-duty truck model

GAZ Group, a part of Basic Element, Russia’s largest diversified industrial holding, unveils a new medium-duty truck model — the GAZon Next tractor truck. Through use of a fifth-wheel assembly and the design modifications the tractor truck’s payload was increased to 10 t, which is twice as much as that of the base model of GAZon NExt. Currently this vehicle provides minimum transportation costs per 1 kilo of cargo as compared with other trucks in this segment. The vehicle was presented as part of the Commercial Vehicles 2015 (Comtrans 2015) international motor show.

tiagach-_2_.jpg GAZ Group unveils a new medium-duty truck model — the GAZon Next tractor truck. The GAZon Next tractor trailed became a logical step of the GAZ MDT lineup development. The minor changes of the base vehicle design allowed offering carriers maximum payload capacity and maximum cargo compartment volume in this segment.

Thanks to complementing the truck with a single-axle semitrailer the engineers managed to keep the tractor’s axle load within the permissible values of GAZon Next normal loads, which allows its systems and assemblies to operate without overload. To ensure the required traction and dynamic performance of the vehicle with an higher GVW the YMZ-534 engine torque was increased to 780 Nm. That also called for increasing the cooling system performance and designing a more rugged gearbox and driving axle. The rear air suspension allowed increasing the ride smoothness and the air-over-hydraulic clutch allowed reducing the clutch pedal force.

The tractor truck showcased at Comtrans 2015 is complemented with a 50 cu. m semitrailer, while in the future it will be possible to increase its volume up to 80 cu. m.

The low price of the tractor truck and the semitrailer makes GAZon Next the most profitable and economically efficient vehicle to transport cargo with the weight of about 10 t.


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