GAZ Group presents new models of GAZ specialty vehicles

223.jpgGAZ Group, part of one of Russias largest diversified industrial groups  Basic Element, continues development of a line of specialty vehicles based on the NEXT family. The exhibition Integrated Safety  2015 presented new models of specialty vehicles: a fire and technical laboratory GAZelle NEXT, a bus for transportation of the personnel of units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an emergency-rescue vehicle on the basis of Sobol 4×4.

GAZ Group presents new models of GAZ specialty vehicles at the exhibition Integrated Safety  2015.

A fire and technical laboratory of modular type on the basis of GAZelle NEXT is intended for research into the causes of fire or emergency on site of events. When developing the vehicle, special attention was given to ensure comfortable operation of experts. A spacious work module includes workplaces, tables, cabinets, a sink and everything needed to mount forensic equipment. 

GAZelle NEXT bus is designed for transportation of personnel of units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Its seating capacity is 18 seats. A high and spacious passenger compartment with a large glass area provides a high level of comfort and excellent visibility. A swing door with electromechanical drive, controlled from the drivers seat, and a step down provide convenient entry and exit. Three heaters allow maintaining a comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment even in the bitter cold. Side panels of the bus are treated with special noise-attenuating materials, and thermal windows protect passengers from bright sunlight. Compact dimensions of the body, specific settings of the engine (for movement in traffic jams with frequent stops), and enhanced rear-view mirrors provide high maneuverability of the bus in confined urban conditions.

An emergency-rescue vehicle of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, made on the basis of Sobol 4×4 with all-wheel drive, has excellent off-road performance. Rigidly connected front axle, reduction gear, differential lock of rear axle, large suspension travels allow the vehicle to overcome most difficult off-roads. The vehicle is designed for transportation of six people. The vehicle body is equipped with special fixtures to accommodate medical and rescue equipment and fire extinguishing media. The vehicle is designed for rapid recovery from accidents (primarily  from traffic accidents) and first aid rendering.


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