GAZ Group presents new minibus models

GAZ Group presents new minibus models of the NEXT family at the 9th international automotive festival «Bus World» in Kolomna on May 18-20. Three new GAZelle NEXT van based minibus models and a frame bus with EvoTech LPG bi-fuel engine are shown at the exhibition.

2.jpgGAZ Group presents new minibus models of the NEXT family at the 9th international automotive festival «Bus World» in Kolomna.

GAZelle NEXT taxi bus can carry up to 17 passengers. Power sliding door, automatic footstep, large stand-up headroom in the passenger compartment (1,9 m) ensure easy and convenient passenger getting-on and -off, while ergonomic seats, LED lighting and panoramic glazing provides for travelling comfort. Two additional heaters provide for perfect climate inside the vehicle. If required, the minibus can be also equipped with an A/C. All seats are provided with safety belts.

GAZelle NEXT tourist bus is equipped with 11 comfortable coach-style seats with an increased spacing between the seat rows. Special noise and vibration insulation, two additional heaters, exhaust ventilation and A/C (13W) ensure additional comfort. The vehicle features overhead storage racks with individual reading lights and A/C controls, double-camera surveillance system, power sliding door and automatic footstep.

1.jpgGAZelle NEXT school bus has 15 seats for children and 1 adult seat. Special focus is made on passenger safety and convenience. All seats are equipped with 3-point inertia-type safety belts. Maximum speed of the bus is limited to 60 km/h. A special interlocking device prevents doors from unintentional opening and blocks engine start while the door is open. Passenger compartment is equipped with a hand luggage rack. Emergency buttons for communication with the driver are placed at each seat/row of seats.

A number of technological innovations makes driving GAZelle NEXT van more convenient and enhances its reliability. For the first time, the vehicle comes equipped with a remote joystick-type gearbox shifter Atsumitec Toyota Tsusho located on the instrument panel. New plastic fuel tank with an increased volume of 80 l provides for increased cruising range. Upgraded rear suspension comprising a new leaf spring helper and contemporary Mando shock absorbers with a modified mounting, ensure higher road stability and smooth driving. Upper and lower reinforcements integrated into the vehicle frame provide for more structural strength and robustness. Improved body stiffness and structural elements with predetermined crumple zones ensure high level of passive safety for both passengers and the vehicle. GAZelle NEXT body is made of zinc-coated steel and its some elements – of high-strength glass fiber.


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