GAZ vehicles became prize winners of the third round in the Rally Raid Championship of Russia

The third round of the Russian Rally Raid “Bacha Belarus — 2015” ended triumphantly for the team “GAZ Raid Sport”. The GAZelle Next crew became the champion in the category of raid sport and the Sadko Sport crew came up second in the T4 truck classification. The races were held in the vicinity of the Belarusian city of Polotsk from 29 to 31 May. In the difficult conditions of off-road tracks, laid through the Belarusian forests and the former tank firing range, GAZ vehicles demonstrated excellent maneuverability, cross-country capabilities and reliability.

The GAZ Raid Sport team took part in full at the III round of the Championship of Russia in rally raid “Bacha Belarus — 2015”: two GAZelle Next Sport vehicles participated in the car classification (Raid Sport category) and Sadko Next Sport and Sadko Sport participated in the truck classification.


The main part of the race route passed through the territory of Dretunski range. The complicated 500 km route included the entire variety of road surfaces: the coastal sandstones and floodplains, ravines, sand, clay and wood winding roads. This allowed the pilots to fully demonstrate their skills and reliability of cars, and the audience — to watch the intense sports fighting. The complexity of the route and the severity of the struggle were shown by the fact that out of the 30 cars which started on the first day, only half reached the finish line.

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GAZelle Next from the beginning took the lead in the race and only increased the advantage throughout the route. At first the crew of Alexander Kostrukov and Evgeny Pavlov came up with a huge margin from the opponent. The gold medal won in Belarus allowed the crew to become the leader in the Russian Championship.

The pilot and navigator of Sadko Sport — Boris Levitsky and Alexander Obukhov won the silver medal that was very important for the team. The maneuverability and high cross-country capabilities made Sadko so fast that already on the first day of the race it came up in the top 10 of the unofficial overall classification and the third in the truck standings. On the second day, Boris Levitsky in acute sports fighting beat our rival from MAZ and came up second runner-up. The second sports truck Sadko Next Sport, driven by Mikhail Dolgov and Stanislav Shklyaev, missed only five minutes to get ahead of another MAZ and ride onto the podium. The result was the fourth place and a very good performance in the overall standings.


Aleksey Koptev, GAZ Raid Sport Team Director:

— The victory of GAZ vehicles is quite natural. During the two years of races the vehicles have become not only more reliable but also increased their speed and improved their off-road capabilities. These races saw the wonders our vehicles worked: GAZons and GAZelles raced through the deep sand, hard bumps and pits, easily overcoming trampolines. The success was achieved in many ways with the support of the official partners of GAZ team: the manufacturers of powerful and reliable engines YaMZ-534 and Cummins ISF 2.8, Michelin and BF Goodrich tires, differential locks Eaton ELocker, motor and gear oils Total.


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