GAZ Group represents specialty vehicles based on GAZelle NEXT and GAZon NEXT at CTT-2016

GAZ Group represents new specialty vehicles of NEXT generation at the 17th International Construction Equipment & Technologies Exhibition 2016 (CТТ-2016). The exhibition for the first time represents commercial specialty vehicles based on the new GAZelle NEXT Van, which include refrigerator truck, mobile repair truck and post truck. Besides the exhibition represents repair trucks based on GAZelle NEXT (with hydraulic side board), GAZon NEXT (with a crane manipulator) and GAZon NEXT tow truck. The exhibition takes place from 31 May to 4 June at the International Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo» in Moscow.

Рефрижератор ГАЗель NEXT.JPG At CTT-2016 GAZ Group represents for the first time its commercial specialty vehicles based on GAZelle NEXT Van, which had its start of sales in Russia in April this year.

GAZelle NEXT refrigerator truck for transportation of cooled and frozen products can keep the temperature from −20 to +12оСin the cargo compartment at ambient temperature of −30 — +30оС. Low thermal conductivity (up to 0.4 W/m K) is provided by means of vacuum panels made of 80 mm extruded polystyrene foam and 1.5 mm glass-reinforced plastic sheets, double sealed door openings and enhanced tightness of the body. Cover plates of rear and side doors are made of heat-resistant ABS plastic. The cooling efficiency of the refrigerating unit is 2770 W at 0°Сand 1460 W at −20°С. Эвакуатор ГАЗон NEXT.JPG Steel galvanized racks on both sides of the body provide for convenient installation of cargo.

The mobile repair truck based on GAZelle NEXT is fitted with a package of Sortimo modular equipment. The equipment includes open and closed racks with partitions and boxes, drawers, set of fasteners, folding workbench with a vices. Such modular design of the compartment allows the customer to select the optimum set of equipment in accordance with its business needs. High, spacy and ergonomic compartment with extra lighting provides comfortable mobile servicing.

GAZelle NEXT post truck is designed for delivery of mail. On the 31st of May when the exhibition was opened, first five post vans were handed over to the Russian Post for pilot operation.

Почтовый фургон «ГАЗель NEXT» предназначен для доставки корреспонденции. 31 мая, в день открытия выставки, первые пять таких фургонов были переданы в опытную эксплуатацию Почте России.

Мастерская ГАЗон NEXT.JPGTwo repair trucks based on GAZelle NEXT and GAZon NEXTrepresent a good example of wide opportunities of GAZ vehicles superstructures based on the needs of various business types. The body of GAZelle NEXT repair truck is built from 25-30 mm high-strength plastic sandwich panels. The welded steel frame design provides for high rigidity of the body. The rear rolling shutters grant additional comfort of intensive day-to-day operation, and the hydraulic side board with aluminium platform allows lifting up to 750 kg of cargo. GAZon NEXTCity repair truck is equipped with a crane manipulator (radius — 1150/3800 mm, lifting capacity — 990 kg). the repair van is installed in the front of the vehicle, and a spacy cargo compartment is located in the rear.

Сервисная мастерская ГАЗель NEXT.JPGThe tow truck is made based on GAZon NEXTCity LDT with a long chassis. The internal length of the angled platform is 4300 mm. Amco Veba crane manipulator has a radius from 2.55 to 6 m (max.) and lifting capacity of 1670 kg, which is enough for towing of the majority of passenger cars. Upon the customer’s request, the tow truck can be equipped with up to 2500 kg carne manipulator.

Another repair truck is developed based on Sobol 4×4 off-road truck, and designed for repairs in the hard-to-reach areas. The same as GAZelle NEXT, Sobol is fitted with a package of Sortimo modular repair equipment, non-skid floor coating and extra lighting of the compartment. The roof rack provides for transportation of additional equipment.


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