GAZelle Next crew won Stage II of the Russian Rally Championship Gold of Kagan

Mikhail Kostrukovs and Oleg Nezhnovs crew on GAZelle Next took the first place in Stage II of the Russian Rally Championship in the category Raid Sport. GAZ Raid Sport team took the second place in the team event in this Stage. The rally raid Gold of Kagan took place on 27-30 April in Astrakhan region.

gazel-next-mikhaila-kostrukova-i-olega-nezhnova.jpgMikhail Kostrukovsand Oleg Nezhnovs crew on GAZelle Next took the first place in Stage II of the Russian Rally Championship. The route of the race was running along steppe and desert terrains of Astrakhan Region. The length of this route exceeded1000 km, 800 of which were four special rally tracks.

After North Forest Baja (a sort of race event), the rally Gold of Kagan became the 1st Summer time Stage of the Russian Championship. Bright sun turned into rain, dusty steppe roads into sand dunes, winding forest trails into muddy terrains over and over again. The steppe sprang a lot of surprises on the racers: steep ups and downs, abrupt and treacherous turns. The sportsmen had to demonstrate high level of professionalism and endurance, while their vehicles had to feature reliability and outstanding off-road performance.   .JPGOut of 52 crews, who started on the 1st day, only a half crossed the finish line.

Under such difficult conditions, the crew consisting of pilot Mikhail Kostrukov and co-pilot Oleg Nezhnov, which are the silver medalists of the Russian Championship 2015, has managed to take the first place in the category Raid Sport. In addition, the crew took the 3rd place in the non-official point-count for LCVs and passenger cars having outperformed not only serial vehicles, but also a majority of sports prototypes.

The team success was achieved mainly by means of reliable Cummins ISF 2,8 diesel engines, which withstood all extreme loads; lube oils from Total, which secured survival of the vehicle systems under extremely high temperatures, and tires from BFGoodrich, which allowed to get out of both mud and sand traps.


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