After-sales service contracts

GAZ after-sales service contract provides the following:

  • flexible solutions for vehicles with different mileage, lifecycle and operation rate,
  • quality assurance for spare parts and services provided,
  • fixed contract price allowing effective budget planning and control,
  • contract assigned to particular vehicle and increasing its value in case of reselling.

Service contract option purchase may be included in credit or leasing, at client’s discretion.

Set of services

Scheduled service in accordance with vehicle log book in amount determined by the duration period of contract, mileage, and manufacturer-determined service interval.

Replacement of components subject to natural wear during the normal operation, service fluids, and control works according to the approved list and fixed scope.

Technical support (technical support/towing, information support)

Additional options:

  • agreed schedule of vehicle service and repair (scheduled works),
  • “green service channel” in cases of immediate (unscheduled) vehicle repair,
  • free towing or machine attendant visit in case of manufacture defects,
  • individual service manager from dealer organization and GAZ.
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